Clinical Hypnotherapy Session Rate Special for Supporters of Animal Rescue League of Boston


Those who donate $50 or more to Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston, either directly on their site or on my personal fundraiser page hosted on ARL’s site, will be eligible for a special clinical hypnotherapy session rate with Tamara Green, LCSW.

Tamara’s standard rate for an individual clinical hypnotherapy session is regularly priced at $200. Donors who want to take advantage of this special promotional price must email Tamara’s office within one week from the date of their donation. Simply put in the subject line of your email ‘Puppy Doe Donor’.

To confirm that your donation was received by ARL, keep a copy of your confirmation message. After your donation is processed online you will receive a confirmation message with a 9-digit reference ID on your web browser. This message also verifies the date and time that your donation was received by ARL. It will read like this:

The following summarizes your contribution:

09/25/2013 06:42 PM (PT)
Payment Amount: $X
Reference ID: 123456789

Print or save this page for your records. This is separate from the official tax receipt that is emailed to you. Bring this to your appointment with Tamara as proof that you contributed to the Puppy Doe Fund. Please note, a copy of the confirmation message page is NOT the same as a tax receipt.


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